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AIRPORTS – Tivat 19 km, Podgorica 66 km; BUS STATION –Budva 400 m; RAILWAY STATIONS – Sutomore 33 km, Bar 40 km, Podgorica 63 km…...

The Old Town walls

Different parts of the Old Town walls originate from different ages. These differences, unevenness, layers, reparations and restorations, done throughout centuries, are all visible on the stone walls. According to the presumption, the part of the walls by the Church of Santa Maria in Punta, originates from the IX century. The part of the walls which spreads on the direction North – South, originates from the XII or the XIII century, and their present form, as presumed, originates from the period of the Venetian rule, which was in the XV century and later on....

‘Dancer of Budva’

The ‘Dancer of Budva’ or  the ‘Ballerina’ is work of the sculptor Gradimir Aleksić, who found his inspiration in the old local legend about a girl, who came each morning to the rock, spent her days looking at the open sea, waiting for her fiancé to come back to her. The years passed by, the sailors came and went, but the fiancé never came back. One day, she was found dead on that rock, her look was aimed to the open sea. ...

Ričardova glava beach

It is the opinion of many that the beach ‘Ričardova glava’ (‘Richard’s head’) has been named after the famous actor Richard Burton, who played Tito in the movie ‘The Battle of Neretva’. Actually, it has been named after another Richard – Richard Widmark, who was also a Hollywood star in the 1960-ies. He played in the movie made in Budva, ‘The Long Ships’. Naturally, the elder citizens of Budva would tell you that the real name of this beach is ‘Brijeg od Budve’ (‘Holm of Budva’), but unfortunately this name can be rarely heard....
Butua Apartments – Budva, Montenegro

The name of the apartments comes from the original name of Budva (Butua), founded more than 2 500 years ago.
Legend, with its many confirmations in many Greek myths, says that the town Budva was founded by son of the Phoenician king Agenor, Cadmus. Cadmus and his wife Harmonia were expelled from Thebes, came to this land and founded a new town, Butua (Buthua).

At the distance of 150 meters from the central municipal beach and the ancient town, Butua Apartments are located in one of the most pleasant parts of Budva.

We are very proud of our excellent, professional service of the highest level, an adorable view and an amiable, familiar atmosphere. We truly hope you would enjoy the warmth and friendliness of our home.

Your hosts,
the Ljubanović family



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